Street Smarts Marketing

“Secrets to Gain More Leads,
Better Prospects, Greater Sales”

A Business Building Seminar

Kathleen Gage and Lori Giovannoni

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Whether you’re a business owner, corporate executive, sales consultant, marketing executive, professional speaker, non-profit leader, or anyone who is committed to taking your business to the next level in 2004, this FREE workshop is for you.
Join Kathleen Gage and Lori Giovannoni, two successful business owners who will reveal how they have assisted thousands of individuals and companies achieve success.

Marketing Secrets of Today’s Successful Businesses

It takes more to succeed in business than simply supplying a good product or service. People have to know you exist. The way you do this is through effective and consistent marketing and promotions strategies.

Learn why Kathleen Gage is the marketing coach of choice by companies large and small throughout the United States. Learn how to position you and your company with a variety of creative and cost effective strategies. Find out how to constantly gain leads that will turn into gold through the right marketing methods. Understand what is hype and what is real when it comes to your Internet marketing. Discover two strategies you can apply immediately that are GUARANTEED to gain you an incredible position within your market.

Kathleen Gage has successfully developed a marketing system that she will share the details of during this FREE presentation. Learn how Kathleen has successfully developed and implemented programs that have taken organizations that were losing money to a position of healthy financials and increased profits.

Kathleen has the unique ability to show others how to reach their market with little or no cost at all! You will discover how to gain a high return on investment while substantially increasing your sales, profits, and visibility. Learn practical marketing strategies that apply to any product, service, or business sales career. Kathleen’s no nonsense approach to marketing and promotions will produce incredible results for you —GUARANTEED!

Increase Your Closing Ratio Through Effective Communication and Presentation Skills Regardless of what your job title or position is, your job most likely involves some level of sales. Why is it that some people seem to have a knack for closing deal after deal after deal, while others struggle with even the smallest sale? Discover how Lori Giovannoni has assisted executives, business owners, account executives and directors of nonprofits to increase their ability to close more deals with easy to understand and apply strategies. Learn why Lori Giovannoni is consistently chosen as the speaker and trainer for organizations throughout the United States and Canada who understand the importance of their people knowing how to influence, persuade and sell more! Lori will teach you how to transform your presentations into a powerful marketing tool and differentiate yourself from the competition! Learn how to handle yourself with ease in front of any size group. You’ll be able to create a competent and confident presence for your business efforts, which equates to a greater sales and a stronger bottom line!…