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"This step-by-step system will eliminate the frustrations and struggles to sell books, reach lots of readers, grow your business and generate thousands of dollars in sales by showing you how to become an online bestseller and create massive opportunity from here on out - starting right now..."

Is your book's message something you absolutely believe in and know is destined to impact the lives of those who read it?

You owe it to yourself to learn the quickest way to reach a global market with your book.

Are you a writer who dreams of being a bestselling author? Have you written a book that has an important message you know is destined to impact untold numbers of people and yet you donít know how to reach them? Are you a speaker who understands the benefit and value of being a bestselling author to further impact your audiences? Are you a coach or consultant who wants to create even more credibility and visibility in your market?

Whether youíre a seasoned author or just beginning to think of writing ďthe bookĒ the following message could be the answer you have been looking for. Read this if you are ready toÖ..

Live your dream of being a bestselling author; sell thousands of dollars worth of books in less than 24 hours; get tens of thousands of dollars worth of FREE publicity; be able to increase your speaking and consulting fees and touch the lives and hearts of people around the globe.

I've done all of this and more through a very systemized formula. A formula that you can learn in one of the most comprehensive and content filled mentoring programs on how to become a bestselling author.   

Iíve helped over 100 authors become bestsellers with my proven formula.  Will you be next?

Dear Author,

Are you tired of all the misguided information about what it takes to become an online bestseller? Have you heard stories of authors who tried, but failed miserably when they attempted to launch a bestseller campaign? What about those people who have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to market their book; the very book that is collecting dust in their garage?

Have you dreamed of being a bestselling author, but donít have the exact formula for success?

Do you have a book that you know will change the lives of readers around the globe but just don't know how to reach them?

If the answer is YES! then youíre in the right place at the right time. You will learn the exact formula I've used many times over to not only take my own book to Amazon.com bestseller position, but the books of many other authors.



Iíve worked with authors who were known by only a handful of people; authors who paid me thousands of dollars to coordinate book launches in which they achieved Amazon.com bestseller status.  Authors who are inspired to share a very important message through their books; a message that has traveled around the globe.

You will learn the very formula I have used with my own books and those of countless other authors in a full-out mentoring course; a formula that I use consistently to achieve results. A formula that you can have access to at a fraction of the cost others have paid to personally hire me.


In less than 24 hours my book made it to #1 in several categories and was recognized as a #1 bestseller in Hot New Releases.

ďWhen I thought about who could help me take my book to bestseller status on Amazon.com, Kathleen Gage was the person I knew I wanted to work with. I am grateful I made the decision because Kathleenís expertise is beyond compare. Because of Kathleenís commitment to the success of the launch for The Freedom Formula, my book quickly rose up the Amazon charts. In less than 24 hours my book made it to #1 in several categories and was recognized as a #1 bestseller in Hot New Releases.

Kathleen made the process very simple, she is easy to work with, went above and beyond and made sure all details were handled. Not only did I become a bestseller on Amazon, I was featured in dozens of blogs, secured several interviews and am still reaping the benefits.Ē

Christine Kloser
Bestselling author, speaker, conscious business mentor
The Freedom Formula
Founder of The Freedom Formula Experience


Imagine how much easier it would be if you knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it for the best results possible! You'll save time, money and effort and become a bestselling author sooner than you thought. You'll reach more people in one day then most authors reach in a year with traditional methods.

And... you'll create ample speaking opportunities with the visibility you'll achieve when you become a bestseller.

Newly added module to this training ...

"How to Get Lots of Speaking Engagements and Sell Boatloads of Books by Becoming A Bestselling Author"

You'll learn my proven system that will build such an incredibly solid foundation you can use it over and over for as many of your books as you want.  Imagine being able to use my proven system on as many books as you want.

When you follow my formula exactly as it is designed to be used you WILL become a bestselling author. Itís that simple.


Your program and process works!

Since following your formula not only have I become an Amazon.com bestseller, my web stats have increased by 750%, Iíve also raised my profile and expert status.

I have to admit; when I first began your training I was skeptical that this could really work. But now I KNOW it works.

I wanted to share this with you as factual proof that your system works. Of course, one must follow the process to link everything together to maximize the outcome.

Without a doubt, my business and visibility would not be close to where it is today without what I learned.

Oh yeah, and as a side treat Ė I BECAME A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR!    

With very deep gratitude,
Kimberly L. Martin, CEC






To hire me to coordinate a campaign costs tens of thousands of dollars. When you learn my formula in the "How to Become an Online Bestseller" course you have the formula for a fraction of the cost!


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If you're tired of all the HYPE from people who have never done what they are teaching and donít get to the heart of what it means to be a bestselling author and you are ready to learn from someone with a proven track record, YOU are in the right place at the right time. I'm offering an incredible opportunity to 25 men and women who are serious about becoming an online bestselling author to leapfrog the process.

How can I be so sure you will achieve bestseller status with my formula? Because I have used it plenty of times with great results each time. Every author I have worked with became a bestseller.



Learn from the best

One of the best decisions of my business life was participating in a book launch where Kathleen Gage was our marketing trainer. Under Kathleen's guidance I learned exactly what it takes to have a successful book launch and I also learned a ton of tools and strategies that I can continue to apply to other areas of my business, as well as future book launches. You cannot afford to leave your book launch success to chance.

Working with Kathleen is such a joy and a blessing in more ways than one and you owe it to yourself and your business to learn from the best. I am eternally grateful to Kathleen for all that she has empowered me to do. The doors that are opening as a result of being a best-selling author are phenomenal. 

Anita Crawford Clark
Abundant Life Success Academy, Speaker, Social Media Marketer, Contributing author of the best-selling book, Align, Expand and Succeed

My first bestseller was Destined to Happen
Whatís so amazing about my experience of becoming a bestseller is that I didnít actually set out to do so. I guess you could say it was divine intervention, fate, or whatever you want to call it, but it was destined to happen.

Permit me to share what happened. By 2006 I had three books published. All had done okay, but none were bestsellers. The book that sold the most up to that point, 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door, had actually generated nearly $10,000 in sales prior to being published and continues to sell to this day. It was published in 2005.

I have a very strong background in marketing so I thought, ďWhy not take the book to market with no out of pocket expense?Ē

I proceeded to put a very strategic marketing plan together in which the launch of 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door would be done at a huge event in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is where I was living when the book was being written. I had been doing business in the area for many years so it made sense to have an event to introduce the book to a market to those who were very familiar with me.

I made it very simple for people to attend. The price into the event was the purchase of the book. With a very focused effort we managed to pre-sell nearly $10,000 worth of 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door. This was enough to pay for all the expenses to publish, market and promote the book. From that point forward it was pure profit.

Lots of people wanted to know how this was done. With so many inquiries I decided to develop a workshop on how to model my success in taking a book to market with no out of pocket money. 

The most amazing thing is that with every seminar I presented, I sold more books and made thousands of dollars from the registration fees for my events.

That's the beauty of being an author; the possibilities are endless.

The Internet Gets Hold of Me
Up to that point I had been selling the majority of books at live presentations. I loved selling books this way. Not only did I get to inspire people from the platform, I was also able to have a longer lasting impact when they bought my books.

I was doing a few things on the Internet, but not much at all with my books.

Going back a few years, it was around 2003, I had the most surprising invitation from a gentleman I didnít even know asking me to be a part of a group of online marketers who would help him market his book. I had done a few things like article distribution and forums to give myself a bit of visibility on the Net, but never imagined my efforts would have the impact they did.

All I intended to do was gain visibility in my local market using the Internet. I honestly had no idea how far the reach could be.

Imagine my surprise when I got invited to join the book launch as a Joint Venture Partner from someone I didnít know who lived clear across the United States from where I lived. That's the beauty of the Internet; visibility around the globe that costs you nothing but time to obtain.

Not knowing much at all about how the campaign really worked, I gave the author a bonus gift and helped to promote his book by sending a solo message about the book to my subscriber list. At the time my list was maybe 2,000 Ė 3,000 in size. Besides me there were over 200 other partners.

Not only did the author make it to #1 on Amazon.com, he also became a #1 bestseller on Barnes and Noble.



Kathleen will exceed your expectations!

I would highly recommend Kathleen Gage to other authors (I already have) as she is a dynamo!  Kathleen is an excellent trainer and knows exactly how to run a successful on-line social media campaign. 

She will give an author all the tools needed to be successful.  Kathleen will exceed your expectations and you will not be sorry in working with her.  

The greatest benefit in working with Kathleen Gage is how she stretched my knowledge on on-line marketing that I had no idea about.  I will continue to use her strategies with other projects  I am involved with.  Thank you Kathleen for your professionalism and brilliant trainings!!

Iris Rosenfeld
Advanced Healthcare - Rosenfeld Chiropractic


Opt-in subscribers shot through the roof!
As if that was not impressive enough, my opt-in subscriber numbers shot through the roof. In a week I had increased my list by over 1,000. I had never, ever had so many people opt-in to my database before that campaign.

Because of the visibility I got from the book campaign, shortly after that I was asked to not only be a Joint Venture partner, but to be an affiliate, of a gentleman from the UK who was promoting an eBook on the power of our thoughts.

With this campaign I would be paid 45% of each eBook that was sold through my list. Still not knowing much about how these campaigns worked, I joined in.

By sending out one message (along with about 40 other people) not only did my opt-in subscriber list increase, I made about $200.

Even more impressed than with the first campaign, I got the bug. I did a few quick calculations and realized the guy that had the eBook made tens of thousands of dollars and the first author sold thousands upon thousands of books.

Unfortunately, neither of these two authors really explained the process. If I had completely understood how a campaign works I would have gotten more opt-in subscribers and made more money. I was pretty green with all of this.  

However, with both these campaigns happening in a very short period of time it got me to thinking what would happen in my business if I figured out the formula.

I was determined to figure it out
Not sure where to start, I found myself working late into the night and even the wee hours of the morning day after day trying to figure it all out. I bought eBook after eBook that promised to give me the answers only to be disappointed that they told me what to do, but not how to do it.  

I did find a program by someone who had had launched several successful campaigns, but the course was several thousand dollars and at that time becoming a bestseller was still a "someday" dream. (Does "someday" sound familiar?)

Besides, it didn't seem like there was a logical curriculum planned. It seemed this guy was planning on figuring out the training as he went along. I wasn't willing to pay that kind of money for a training that was not completely organized.

At that time I was more interested in growing my business in my local market and investing money in Internet marketing information than taking an Amazon.com bestseller training course.

Little did I realize that by becoming a bestselling author many of my other goals would be more easily (and quickly) achieved.

Something else I didn't initially realize is those late nights and extremely early mornings of gaining Internet marketing knowledge would one day serve me in becoming an Amazon.com bestseller.

It was around that time I found a great course by the #1 Internet marketing expert at that time. He had a very in-depth home study course that cost more than I had paid for other courses and eBooks, but I knew this would be a great investment. It was organized, had a clear, robust curriculum and a specific outcome I could expect.

It was well worth the money because I got so much great information that put me on track for what was to come next.

I studied the thick manuals with highlighter, pen and sticky notes in hand. I listened to the CDs over and over. There was no live training like teleseminars or coaching, it was just me, the manuals, the CDs and my burning desire to succeed.

After weeks of nonstop studying and planning I decided to try my hand at a project. I had developed a 200 page eBook I was charging $39 for. I figured if I got the right partners and gave them tools to succeed (unlike the guy with the first eBook launch I participated in) I could make this work.


I highly recommend her

marketing programs

I had just launched my business and had no clue what internet marketing was or where to start.  I just knew everybody told me internet marketing was critical for my business.  It was my great fortune to receive training from Kathleen Gage, who not only provided the big picture, but the information, tools and support to successfully market on the internet.    

I was able to take everything she provided and applied them immediately in my business.  My knowledge and comfort level have grown by leaps and bounds.  Best of all Kathleen is a delight to work with.  She is keenly focused on providing high value and cutting edge techniques to share with her clients.  Iím now confident that Iíve established a solid foundation and will continue to leverage Kathleenís mentorship and training to take my business to the next level.  I highly recommend her marketing programs.  You wonít be disappointed!

Anastasia Montejano
Contributing author Ė Align, Expand and Succeed
Management Leadership Coaching

Well, work it did. Within 48 hours of launching the online campaign we sold nearly $15,000 in revenue. I was blown away. And I was thrilled as were lots of affiliates who helped to promote the eBook.

Here I had been able to make money from the comfort of my home while literally working in my blue jeans (okay, sometimes my pajamas). I was hooked, but still not convinced I could make a living with the Internet. I was doing well in the Salt Lake market so there was no need to make any changes. And yet, I couldnít shake the thought that maybe I could do a similar type campaign and make myself and one of my books a bestseller.

Yet, I didnít have the perfect book that I wanted to launch for something like this. Rather than going in blindly, I decided I would research how to do a campaign like the author who made it to #1 on Amazon and B&N. The author was offering a course but at a cost of about $5,000 for a weekend course. And it wasn't even focused on anything specific to becoming a bestseller. Quite seriously, it felt like the course was being developed on the fly and I certainly wasn't going to pay for anything that was not carefully constructed.



Pure authenticity when it

comes to training

"Kathleen's expertise and relentless energy is evidence that she comes from pure authenticity when it comes to training authors on how to market their books. She offers her skills in easy to understand methodologies so that even a novice can understand her in depth training. She gives the feeling of security as she challenges you in ways that you will expand not only your knowledge but self confidence as well.

Anyone desiring to learn more about the Internet marketing arena for any purpose I encourage to contact Kathleen. You will not be disappointed!

Jeni Shaw,CPC, ACC

It started making sense
It was around that time I got invited to join in on yet another Amazon.com bestseller campaign. This time I watched very, very carefully at what was being done.

When the second author became a bestseller, I actually called her and asked if I could ask a few questions on what she did to make this happen. She was very generous with her answers to my questions, but what frustrated me was I ended up with even more questions than before.

I decided to take the same approach to learning and perfecting how to do Amazon.com campaigns as I had with eBook launches.

For several months after that conversation with the woman who became a bestseller I studied joint venture partnerships, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and anything that would give me insights as to how to continue to make money with the Internet AND become an Amazon.com bestseller.

I canít even count the amount of time and money I spent learning this stuff. My thinking was, ďOne day I will do something with this.Ē

The reason I said ďone dayĒ was because I was so busy with my speaking business I didnít have the time to add much else into the mix.

An unexpected turn of events
All that changed when my business associate, Lori Giovannoni, had a life changing event happen to her and her husband.

On September 2, 2005 things drastically changed when Loriís husband had a near fatal motorcycle accident. Troy was life-flighted to LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City where he remained in the shock trauma unit for months.

Any work that Lori had on the books needed to be taken care of, but she was unable to go anywhere because her place was by her husbandís side.

Rather than her risk losing not only the contracts but the clients, we arranged with her clients for me to fly out to several locations throughout the United States to fulfill Loriís contracts in order that the clients would be taken care of and Lori could still generate income. You see, all the money that the clients paid went directly to Lori.

Whatís amazing is that because of what I had learned about using the Internet to make money, I began generating more and more revenues from the Internet. Nothing like what I make today, but enough to keep the mortgage paid and food on the table while making frequent visits to the hospital to see Lori and Troy. Granted, Troy didnít really know I was there, but Lori did and I did.

102 days after Troy was admitted to LDS hospital he was released from shock trauma and then some time later released to his wifeís care. Troy left the hospital in a wheel chair, legally blind and unable to speak. He had a long period of recovery in front of him.

An Amazon.com bestseller is on the way
Almost daily I would take the 40 mile drive from my home to visit with Lori and Troy. Little, by very little, Troy was making improvements. First came the faint voice and then he was able to lay for periods of time on the living room couch rather than being confined to his bed.

I donít know who initiated the conversation, but Lori and I started talking about writing another book together. We had already written two so it wasnít a stretch to know we could do another.

By this time, Troy was able to talk in a whisper. He was around for every conversation Lori and I had about writing a book. Whenever we talked about it, he seemed to get a little better. We had our own personal cheering section.

The further into the writing we went, the more excited Troy got. And when we talked about becoming bestsellers on Amazon you could feel his excitement.

It was actually as if the thought of his wife writing another book gave him a bit of normalcy.

And the rest, as they say, is history. In a matter of 90 days we made the decision to write the book, we wrote it, published it and became Amazon.com bestsellers.

Looking back, I have to believe this was bigger than the two of us; there was a force moving us along.

You likely believe there's a force at work in your life - that's what attracted you to this information.

Back to the book launch. As with our book, 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door, we utilized very creative strategies to bring this book to market with no out of pocket expense AND it became an Amazon.com BESTSELLER. Not only that but we sold over $23,000 during the first day of the campaign.

 $23,000 in sales in 24 hours on Amazon.com!



Our book went to #4 overall on Amazon.com in less than 24 hours because of Kathleenís incredible knowledge on using the Internet. We hit #1 in several categories.

ďKathleen is absolutely incredible at what she does. She was without a doubt the driving force behind our marketing campaign that took our newest book, The Law of Achievement, to #4 on Amazon.com in less than 24 hours. We reached #1 in several categories that day. Because of her our message was put in front of millions of people, we sold thousands of copies, and we donated a substantial amount of money to a childrenís literacy program.

Without hesitation I would recommend Kathleen Gage to anyone who wants incredible success for their book, service, product and/or business. She is brilliant at what she does. "

Lori Giovannoni Ė Award winning speaker, business consultant and Bestselling Author Ė The Law of Achievement.

The Law of Achievement reaches #4 overall position on May 2, 2006.


The sales and money were amazing and my life changed forever!
What a great feeling it was to be a bestselling author and to have sold over $23,000 worth of books in 24 hours. Wow! Life would never be the same.

I was getting lots of calls and emails from people who wanted to know how I was able to not once, but twice, bring a book to market with no out of pocket expense. They also wanted to know what they had to do to become a bestseller and sell thousands of dollars worth of books.

After repeated requests I decided to offer a training course on how to Write, Publish and Market a book with no out of pocket expense.

Not one to let a great idea get away, I put together a promotional PDF flyer and decided to promote the event strictly through what I knew about Internet marketing. To see if there actually was an interest I limited the number of seats to 30 and charged $149 for a 6 hour training. It sold out within 48 hours. Hmmm. Another $4,500 in revenue.

Because I used the Internet to market the event the only expenses were the room and AV rental.  I was beginning to really love what the combination of being an author and using the Internet to market could do for me.

The fact that I had just become a bestseller was very appealing to those who registered. During the training there were lots of questions about how I accomplished becoming a bestseller so fast.

So far that's $23,000 in book sales plus $4,500 in training sales and I'm not even scratching the surface. There was lots more to come that I wasn't even aware of.

Oh yes, I forget to tell you.... I sold more of my new bestselling book at the workshop. Ka Ching!

Benefits I hadn't even considered came with being a bestseller
During one of the breaks a newly published author asked me how much I would charge to do her campaign. I hadnít even considered such a thing. Besides I was getting ready to move from Draper, Utah to a rural community just outside of Eugene, Oregon.

I told her I wasnít doing campaigns as part of my service offerings. She insisted. I told her I would have to think about it. We exchanged phone numbers and emails and I put it in the back of my mind.

I was very preoccupied with my move and all that goes with a move. Not giving the conversation much thought, I got a call from this woman a few days before I was leaving for Oregon. She again made it very clear she wanted me to launch her book campaign.

I told her I would have to give it more thought and we could talk once I was in Oregon.

I have to admit, her tenacity was impressive. It's actually an indication of someone who has a burning desire to become a bestseller; a trait that is absolutely essential to achieve what you want.

When I was settled in, I gave Darlene a call. We had a few more conversations about the campaign, her expectations, and my thoughts about how we could proceed with the project.

No subscriber list - no problem
The one thing that concerned me was the fact she didnít have a very big opt-in list. It was actually only a few hundred in size. Compared to my list of about 8,000 at that time, I was concerned that she wouldn't achieve her desired outcome.

Until I worked with Darlene it never occurred to me you donít need a subscriber list to become a bestseller.

Not only did Darlene Braden become a bestselling author, she increased her database substantially, sold foreign rights to her book for several thousand dollars and combined with selling lots of books on the day of her launch recouped most of her investment for my services within a short period of time.



Kathleen Gage took my book, What Stops You?, to Bestseller position on Amazon.com. 

Kathleen knows the systems, steps and actions necessary to achieve any goal set. Kathleen is professional, soft, caring and personable while at the same time acting like a pit bull towards the goal; she does not give up and will not be stopped. When working with Kathleen I knew I would get much more than 100% of her efforts and because of this I have achieved more success than I ever thought possible.

Darlene Braden Best Selling Author "What Stops You?,"

Salt Lake City, Utah

Did I tell you she invested thousands of dollars to hire me? And yet, with the plan in place she still reaps the benefits of achieving bestselling status nearly 5 years later.

I realized that with the formula I developed virtually anyone can become an Amazon.com bestseller in very short order by simply following the recipe I created.

And I have successfully helped over 100 authors achieve bestseller status with my formula.

So how do you become a bestseller?
Almost daily I have people inquire about how they can become a bestseller. Obviously you too want to know because you're reading this.

SoÖ what DO you need to become a bestselling author?

In a nutshell, what you have to have is a book to promote, find people who will help you promote it on a specific date and watch your numbers rise.

At least thatís what some people will lead you to believe. Actually, it takes more than this to succeed.

What you need is a great plan, a committed group of partners, the vision to see yourself as a bestseller and a formula that will assure your success.

I have the formula and I want to share it with you because you're an author (or soon to be author) with a burning desire to become a bestselling author.

Although I work primarily with nonfiction authors, it really doesnít matter what type of book you have or what your genre is. What matters is that you use a proven formula that has been put to the test. The fact is, you can use this formula for virtually any product release to generate incredible sales.

With my formula you too can become a bestseller and sell more books in one day than most people sell in a year (even the lifetime of the book)Ė all from the comfort of your home.  

If Lori and I can do it while her husband was convalescing at home; if Darlene Braden can do it with a list of only a few hundred; if first time authors I have helped to get their books to bestseller can do it, then you can do it too.

Amazingly you can do this while in your pajamas, shorts or bundled up in your favorite blanket on the couch.

Becoming a bestseller has never been this simple. While most authors struggle to sell even a few books, with my formula you will be years ahead of those who say, ďSomeday.Ē

However, there are challenges today that didn't exist in the past. I have identified these challenges and put solutions in place for any author I mentor and work with. Without these solutions you are likely to miss the mark in a big way.

I have watched authors who don't have the right formula try their hand at a campaign and fail miserably. Imagine the heartache of not achieving your dream just because you didn't have a proven system.

Don't let this happen! I have an airtight solution that DOES work! And you can learn exactly what it is. But I'm only taking 25 people into this program. I want to give very focused attention to each and every author who goes through my mentoring program.

The fact is you truly can earn more money, have greater market position, be viewed as a respected expert and enjoy all that comes with being a bestseller.

I knowÖI have experienced this and more. Much more.

When you become a bestseller you open up a world of possibility.

The opportunities will amaze you
More speaking engagements, interviews, higher fees, spin off product development, the ability to donate thousands of dollars to charities of your choice through the sale of your books are only a few of the many benefits being a bestseller offers.

I have been able to personally donate thousands of dollars to literacy programs and teen programs through my church with a portion of revenues from The Law of Achievement and other books I sell. I donít share this to impress you, but to impress upon you how amazing it will be when you become a bestselling author.

And thatís just scratching the surface.

Unlike other programs that are out on the market, with my formula and my fasttrack online bestseller mentoring course, you donít need boatloads of money to get started. Actually, it is so affordable that you would have to ask yourself why you wouldnít do it right here, right now.

When you consider that you can literally sell thousands of dollars worth of books with a successful launch, create untold amounts in speaking opportunities and back of the room sales and make thousands of dollars from spin off products this becomes virtually a nonissue.


Will you be one of them?

When you compare the low cost to what you would pay me to personally develop your launch (tens of thousands to hire me), it makes great sense to learn my formula.

I have priced this in a way that in spite of, or actually because of what is going on with the economy, you pay about 75% less than what you would pay for other programs and you have the opportunity to learn from someone with a proven success recordÖme.

Actually, as I was writing this message for you, I considered increasing the price from what I decided to charge. As I was listing all the information of what you will learn, the bonuses you get, the learning guides, transcripts and recordings, I do realize I am practically giving this away for all you get in return.  With all you are going to learn it's definitely worth a lot more.  

And... in this training I have added even more information to assure your success. We have enhanced the way we deliver the material, the section on Social Media Marketing has tons of new information and I am including a module on how to generate thousands of dollars by hosting your own live events and presenting at association meetings in your local market.

When you learn all of this you will be unstoppable. There will be no limit to what is possible.

The fact is, I am committed to helping authors who are serious about marketing and selling their books in a number of ways.

I thought, ďThere are a lot of people who really want to get this information and right now they may not be able to spend thousands of dollars. Yet, they are willing to make a wise investment to learn how to become an Amazon.com bestseller."


From unknown to bestselling author!

Writing the best book in the world is useless unless people know about it. That's where Kathleen Gage shines. Her expertise, encouragement; patience and persistence all worked in concert. Kathleen led us from unknown authors with a story to tell, to bestselling authors. The email requests are coming daily! Thank you Kathleen!

Lianda Ludwig
Beautiful Caligraphy



Even if you're not yet published, but plan to be in the coming year, this is a great program to take. There are two reasons. One, you wonít find this quality of information anywhere for the price you can pay today. Two, I may never offer it at this low price again.


You might be asking, ďOkay, what do I get and what will I learn?Ē


In this 6-week exclusive webinar and teleseminar mentoring course youíll receive:

  • Specific strategies and techniques you can apply immediately to become an online bestseller faster than you ever imagined.
  • Access to recordings of all sessions led by Kathleen Gage plus a bonus session using tried and true,  proven methods to gain even more visibility and make more sales with blog tours.
  • You also get lots of videos from my own social media marketing expert on how to get the most out of your social media for your launch.
  • You get either the MP3 Audio or Video downloads for each call Ė you wonít miss a thing!
  • You'll receive transcripts of each session.
  • Robust, content-filled learning guides for each module. The learning guides are filled with hundreds of pages of information that you will need to make becoming a bestseller as easy and fast as possible.
  • Bonus gift of the MP3, transcripts and learning guide from my popular training called, Write, Publish and Market a Book with No Out of Pocket Expense!
  • A full year membership into my VIP Club. This is a $444 value.
  • 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with Kathleen Gage ($250 Value)
  • 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with my own social media marketing consultant ($100 Value)
  • Unlimited access to all audio and video downloads, transcripts, study guides and bonuses.
  • A bonus session on how to secure lots of speaking opportunities to monetize your efforts even more once you're a bestseller.
  • Easily applicable techniques that can be applied immediately to get you on track to becoming a bestselling author right now.

As mentioned above, I have included an MP3 file of my popular teleseminar on How to Write, Publish and Market a book With No Out of Pocket Expenses. This one bonus is worth so much to you, especially if you have not had your book published or are planning on writing more than your current book(s). You also receive the transcripts and learning guide for this program.

Even if your book is already published you can use the strategy in the How to Write, Publish and Market a book With No Out of Pocket Expenses to recoup much of your publishing expenses with my simple formula on how to sell tons of books both in your local market, regionally or nationally.

Another great bonus is Version IV Directory of Resources for Internet Radio Show Interview Opportunities - eBook & Radio Interviews - A Recipe for Success - MP3. This was updated just this month.

Please note - this program is for those who are serious about selling lots of books and becoming a bestselling author.  


With the Street Smarts Marketingô Amazon.com Bestseller Program you'll get the repeatable formula to:

Take a book from unknown to bestseller in record time  

Discover how to have people quickly buy your book

Leapfrog ahead of your competition by being a very visible expert with a bestselling book

Launch a full-scale campaign in less time that you might imagine

Learn how to generate multiple streams of income from the launch of your book through proven strategies to repurpose your book content

Gain visibility for you and your book to hundreds of thousands (even millions) of people

Build a responsive opt-in subscriber list in record time. A list that will be your ticket to selling
        more of your books, products and services after your campaign is over.

Even if you havenít started your book yet, but you plan to do a book launch you should register for my course. The information you will learn will save you a lot of time, frustration and money trying to figure this all out on your own. Plus, the best time to begin the process is now regardless of whether or not you book is published. Especially with 2011 right around the corner. Make 2011 the year you know you WILL become a bestseller.

When I began the process of my own Amazon.com campaign in 2006 I hadnít even written the first words of the manuscript. Once the decision was made, within 90 days the book was written, published, had an international association as a sponsor for the Amazon.com launch, sold over $23,000 worth in 24 hours and became a #1 bestseller in several categories.

I will teach you my exact formula for all of this, including how to get corporations, organizations or association to join in on the project. Believe me, when you have the power of an association behind you and they are willing to promote the launch to their members, you will be amazed at what can happen. Book sales go through the roof.

From unknown to internationally recognized authority
With one author, Dr. Joe Capista, he went from having never written a book to having his book become a bestseller in record time. Since that time he has more interviews than he can count, he is racking up the speaking engagements and he is definitely a celebrity in his home town. Because of all the publicity he has gotten he says he gets recognized almost every time he goes out.


From a complete unknown to a #1 Amazon.com bestseller in several categories.

I have always dreamed of being a bestselling author. With the incredible skills Kathleen Gage used to market my book, it went from a complete unknown to a #1 Amazon.com bestseller in several categories.

The amazing thing was how quickly it all happened. Within 24 hours of the launch I was a bestseller. The best part of all are the number of opportunities that this has created. I have had countless interviews and speaking engagements since I began working with Kathleen. I have known for a long time if you want the best, hire the best. Hands down, she is the best at what she does.

Dr. Joe Capista, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
What Can A Dentist Teach You about Business, Life and Success?

This Program Is Perfect For Virtual Assistants too!
Do you work with an author or soon-to-be author? What better skill can you bring to the table than to be able to help them take their book to #1 on Amazon.com? Imagine how much of an asset you will become. You will truly be indispensible.

Who knows, you may one day decide to launch your own book once you learn the success formula. Imagine what that would do for your career!

As an author, I know how important it is to market my books. Before I learned how to do online bestseller launches I sold the majority of my books during live presentations. Because of the power of this formula I donít ever have to present in front of an audience again ... unless I want to.

However, when I do, to be able to say I have my bestselling book available for purchaseÖwell, I now sell more due to the prestige of being a bestselling author. Your audiences will love buying your bestselling book.

A Huge Myth Many Authors Believe
A huge myth many authors are misled to believe is that a publisher is going to market your book. Sure, they may do a bit of marketing, but nothing compared to the results you get by taking control of your own marketing. What better way to sell your book than from the comfort of your home with partners around the globe helping you to get the word out and driving buyers to your book on Amazon.com. Thereís nothing to compare.

Nowadays, publishers require that an author have a platform for selling their books. Online bestseller book launches are great platforms that most publishers would love for their authors to know how to do.

If you are self published, you absolutely have to know how to promote your books. My formula is a great way to do this.


Kathleen Gage's Amazon Best-Seller program was well worth the money and more! 

"With so many internet programs on the market, it's hard to know which ones have depth and which ones are a waste of money.  I can say, with total sincerity, that Kathleen Gage's Amazon Best-Seller program was well worth the money and more!  Kathleen is professional, knowledgeable and precise.

She goes above and beyond to help her clients and gives you a blue print for how to take your book to best-seller.  I plan to work with Kathleen on many other projects.  Once you find an expert that you like and trust, why look any further?  Thank you, Kathleen for giving me the tools and knowledge to bring my business to new heights!"

Michelle Prince
Author, "Winning in Life Now"


2011 is the year you CAN become a Bestseller!
Now is the perfect time to invest in learning how to sell more books, build an amazingly responsive opt-in subscriber list and get set for a spectacular 2011 through the power of an online bestseller campaign.

This could likely be one of the most important investments you can make as an author. Yet, you might be thinking you are doing yourself a favor by waiting until everything is just right.

The reality is, now is likely the best time to learn how to do your own online campaign. I have made it so affordable that you wonít find this information available ANYWHERE for the small investment you will make. This I guarantee.

Believe me, I remember what it was like when I had to be very conscientious of every dollar I invested. I know this is a consideration for some people.

I also remember how my life, business and finances turned around almost overnight once I became a bestselling author. I havenít had to look back since that time.

Granted, it didnít happen overnight. Success rarely does. However, this was the biggest jump I had ever experienced in the nearly 17 years I had been in business.

You donít need to wait as long as I did. You can start immediately and enjoy the benefits, prestige and influence you gain by being a bestselling author.

You can find programs similar to mine (but definitely not the same) and some cost more than 10 times the amount you'll invest in mine.

You might be wondering how I can ask so little compared to some of the other programs available. Itís simpleÖ because I am teaching in a group environment I am able to keep the costs way down. Almost to the point of giving the program away. The fact is this is only a bit more than you would pay for 2 hours of my time one-on-one.

The price for the full program, including all the bonuses is only $1,297. Thatís right! Only $1,297. And for a very limited time you can get the entire program for only $1197.

You would spend more than that for a small ad in many magazines or newspapers and likely not sell any books whatsoever.

With my formula you will not only learn how to become an online bestseller, you will also learn how to get thousands (even tens or hundreds of thousands) of dollars worth of free publicity as a result of becoming a bestselling author, you will learn how to arrange lots of money making opportunities once you become a bestseller.

You will learn dozens of Social Media Marketing strategies that WILL give you even more visibility. You will learn how to do a Virtual Book Blog Tour; an event that gains you global visibility. You will learn how to use Social Media Marketing to your advantage by understanding how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Forums, Media directories, web radio and other online resources all fit together and play in your favor.

You will learn how to immediately set yourself up for success from the very first session you attend.

You will also learn how to fully optimize your new found success as a bestseller that will open up endless opportunities.

One question you must answer before making your decisions is this, "Is my book's message something that I absolutely believe in and know is destined to impact the lives of those who read it?"

If your answer is yes this program is for you. How do I know? Because I feel the same way about what I write. I know my words change lives and therefore, I always look for the most effective and efficient way to jumpstart what I do as an author. An online bestseller campaign does exactly this. There is absolutely nothing to compare to it.

I can promise you, when you join in on my course you will get more, much more than your investment.

Kathleen gave 150% to my Amazon.com best-selling promotion

"Kathleen is not just someone who is highly knowledgeable and very professional in what she does; she is also very caring and attentive. Kathleen gave 150% to my Amazon.com best-selling promotion, doing a lot more than we agreed on. She understood my needs, strengths, and weaknesses very well and was always there for me when I needed her - even after the project was finished! She produced amazing results and I would work with Kathleen again in a heart-beat"

Masha Malka, bestselling author, speaker, coach
The One Minute Coach: change your life one minute at a time.


If youíre a VA who works with authors, imagine the value you will bring to your clients when you know the formula for bringing their book to bestseller status. You will be an in demand book marketing expert.

With the economy the way it is you absolutely have to develop skills that make you indispensible. My How to Become an Online Bestseller formula will help you do just that.

Are you a consultant who wants to be viewed as more of an expert in your field? What better way than with a bestselling book?

What about a public speaker who wants to stand out from the crowd? Imagine what "bestseller status" can do for you.

Regardless of what industry you are in with a bestselling book to your name you will be viewed as more of an expert than others who don't have this status.

Remember, you can also use my formula to sell eBooks and other information products.

Remember what I shared about my first eBook? I made thousands of dollars with this formula. Imagine having a proven formula where you can sell a high profit eBook and make thousands upon thousands of dollars in a 24 hour period AND keep the majority of profits.

Letís take a look at how little your investment actually is. For the price of admission you need only sell between 50 - 60 books of average cost to recoup your investment back. The thing is, with my formula you are going to sell a heck of a lot more books than if you try the traditional methods of putting up a web site and waiting for sales to happen.

If you're like me, you know you are destined to reach untold numbers of people with the message you carry in your books. Why not begin to get your message out to greater numbers of people right away? Think of all the people who would love to read your book(s) but they donít know about it. With my formula you will learn how to reach more people faster; those who would who would love to read your book(s)

I can guarantee you this program is going to fill up fast. I am limiting the number of people I take on board to 25.

If you want to be an online best-selling author, there is absolutely no other mentoring program that will get you there as fast for this low of a price. Guaranteed.

Warning! There are some people who are teaching underhanded, even illegal ways of becoming a bestseller.

I actually read one personís supposed ďsuper guideĒ on how to become a bestseller. He claimed to have sneaky tactics and guerilla marketing. I couldnít believe what he was recommending in order to become a bestseller. He said something to the effect of, ďBuy 100 of your books from Amazon and watch your book rise on the charts. Then when your book becomes a bestseller, cancel your order with Amazon.Ē

I was offended by what I read. To think that someone would basically say that it's okay to waste the time of the fulfillment department of Amazon and then return the books is disgusting. Thatís baloney. It's actually a form of theft. You DON'T have to resort to unethical measures.

I wonít teach you anything that even remotely seems underhanded. What you will learn from me is the real deal formula. You will learn specific systems that are honest, reputable and proven.

You will learn proven (and respected) marketing strategies. Some of the most famous authors in the world use Amazon.com book launches to sell books; gain even more visibility, partner with other authors and increase market reach.

Visibility is beyond compare
The beauty of a campaign done right is the amount of visibility you receive on a global level. Unlike the man who said "buy your own books and then return them" with my formula you partner with leading experts in a variety of fields. In addition your information will be viewed on countless blogs. And... you will learn how to gain massive visibility with strategic social media marketing.

Your credibility will skyrocket as will your confidence as an author.

Even if you donít know anything about marketing, you will still succeed with my formula.   I teach you the exact steps you need to know to become an online bestseller. Not only that, I teach you how to make marketing an integral part of your overall process in a way that you have systems in place.

Hereís more of what you will learn.

Learn how to achieve incredible results without spending a fortune on useless advertising.
        Advertising is NOT the way to sell books.

Discover how to get tons of rave reviews on your book before you launch the campaign thus
        increasing your chances for success. Reviews DO sell books.

Find out how to get celebrity endorsements for your book, making it even more appealing
        to potential buyers. L
earn my ďoh so simpleĒ method that I am amazed more people havenít    
        figured it out.

Learn how to get thousands of dollars in incredibly valuable bonuses from leading experts.
        Bonuses that buyers receive when they purchase your book. Bonuses buyers will be thrilled to
        select as few or as many that fit their specific needs.

Find out how to gain long term value from each and every book you sell resulting in more
        financial security for years to come.

Gain access to the exact messages I have used time and again to create numerous
        bestsellers for my clients.

Discover how to do an effective plan that is guaranteed to get you the status you desire,
        want and need.

Discover a little know secret for earning even more money for each sale from Amazon.com. 
        This one tip can put hundreds, even thousands, of extra dollars in your pocket. This idea  
        can actually pay for this program.

Learn the one thing you absolutely must do with Amazon to assure your success as a
        bestseller. Miss this and your campaign could be a complete waste of time and money.

Find out how to create a prelaunch BUZZ for your book that gets people talking and
        anticipating the BIG DAY.

Are you ready to go from an unknown to a bestselling author?

You will receive all you need to launch a hugely successful campaign so you wonít have to
         reinvent the wheel.

You get the exact emails and letters I have used to invite Joint Venture Partners to join in.  
        These will save you an incredible amount of time and money because all you have to do is
        customize for your book launch.

Receive sample landing pages with full details of why things are laid out the way they are.

Access blog tour information including the most important items to send to blog owners to
        make it easy for them to post information about your book.

Utilize checklists that are guaranteed to keep you on track when you use them. Find out all
        the details you need to know to assure a HUGE success.

Get my list of Street Smarts Marketing recommended resources to fasttrack your process.

You'll get the very process you need on how to find great partners and blog owners who can
        make or break your campaign. Knowing where to find the right partners and how to approach 
        them can make or break your success.

Now is the time to make your dream come true!


Here are the Street Smarts Marketing
Become an Online Bestseller 6 week Mentoring Program Details 

Each Module includes a jam-packed information filled learning guide. The learning guides alone are worth the price of the course.

Session I - Tuesday December 7th, 5 p.m. PDT
Preparing for Success and Pre-launch preparation

This session covers the infrastructure and best practices that you will need to launch a hugely successful online bestseller campaign.  

  • Develop a Powerful Foundation for Success including proven marketing systems.

  • Learn how to effectively timeline your campaign. Having a well thought through timeline to include every detail of a campaign is essential to your success.

  • Find out about some of the most commonly missed elements in an online campaign so you can avoid costly mistakes.

  • Develop a plan to keep your project organized and on target.

  • Discover how to determine the best date for your launch.

  • Discover how to find the best Joint Venture Partners for your campaign. Those who have not oversaturated their market with previous campaign offers. I will show you methods for finding partners that gain you access to a great team of people to help launch your campaign.

  • Determine if securing a sponsor for your campaign will boost sales and if so, how to secure a sponsoring organization or company who is thrilled to be a part of the launch. You will receive a sample proposal that was used to get an International Women's Organization to sponsor my campaign.

  • Access the very messages you will need to secure partners, alert Amazon about your campaign, and create a prelaunch BUZZ with your market. If you don't know what to tell Amazon, the whole campaign could backfire. I will help you to avoid that from happening.

  • Learn all you need to know to prepare yourself, your book and Amazon for your launch including often-missed elements of a successful campaign and ways to generate hidden revenue from Amazon.


Costs involved in a launch

  • Learn where to invest your money and where not.

  • Find out what technology you will need to assure your success.

  • Learn how to systemize your process so that you can continue to generate revenues when your book has become a bestseller.

  • Determine if you need to outsource or do the work yourself.

  • Find out how to launch the campaign without spending a fortune to do so.

Session II - Tuesday, December 14th 5 p.m. PDT
Continue preparing for your Big online bestseller book launch

  • Learn how to write effective copy for your book launch web page.

  • Find out how to set up your download pages to minimize any techno glitches.

  • Discover how to get celebrity endorsements.

  • Find out what you need to do to get the media involved in your campaign.

  • Learn one thing you can do to get even more visibility than most people ever do with their book launches.

  • Learn what you need to do the few days leading up to the BIG Day that will increase your visibility and sales.

  • Find out what you must do the day of the launch in order to keep the BUZZ going.

  • Discover the one thing you can do while the campaign is happening to assure future success and credibility.

  • Find out how much is too much when communicating with partners, subscribers and buyers.

  • Get a handle on how to keep your partners informed throughout the day of your launch.

  • Access a blueprint for success including an easy to follow checklist to make your efforts effortless.


 Session III - Tuesday, December 21st 5 p.m. PDT

The Power and Profit of Social Media Marketing for Authors Featuring Lauren McMullen,  Certified Social Marketing Expert.

Learn how to use Social Marketing to its greatest advantage. This session will include detailed information on various aspects of social marketing that most people have no clue about. Information that will put you light years ahead of most authors. 

  • Find out what needs to be at the hub of your Social Media Marketing.

  • Discover what must be done with your many networks to have a hugely successful launch.

  • Learn how to determine the most important keywords to use in all your social media marketing.

  • Discover some easy to implement Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube tips to get you massive visibility.

  • Learn how to optimize your social marketing time; reach more readers, leverage your time and efforts and have a greater market impact through proper use of social media and social networks.

  • Find out about specific tools top authors are using that few others know anything about.

  • Learn how to maximize your time to get the greatest result with your social marketing.

This module is a must have for any author who wants to learn the power and profit that comes from using Social Media Marketing to promote and sell you and your book. No book launch campaign is complete without the inclusion of social marketing.




Super Social Marketing Book Marketing to Sell Even More Books on Amazon.com

 Learn exactly how to use Social Media to gain even more visibility. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Media Releases, Forums, Web Radio, YouTube and much, much more to get you even great results than ever before!



Break for the Holidays

Session IV  - Tuesday, January 4th 5 p.m. PDT
Gain Massive Visibility and Book Sales with a Virtual Book Blog Tour

In this session you will learn how to develop a super book blog tour. You will learn what you do and donít need, how to find the best bloggers for your launch, when to do a blog tour in conjunction with a launch, and receive samples of actual content to use in a tour.

  • Learn the latest "secret weapon" of online book launches.

  • Discover how to set up a highly visible blog tour.

  • Learn what the essentials for a successful blog tour are.

  • Find out how to find outstanding hosts.

  • Discover what you can do to gain massive visibility for your tour.

  • Find out what to do before, during and after a tour to sell more books.

  • Create a highly organized blog tour with this one strategy that works every time.

Session V - Tuesday, January 11th 5 p.m. PDT
So Youíre a Bestselling AuthorÖ now what?

So youíve become a bestseller, youíre basking in your new found success, but youíre not sure what comes next. This is how many potentially successful authors come to a screeching halt. They just donít know what to do next or how to take their success to the next level.

  • Learn what you need to do immediately following a launch to maximize your efforts.

  • Discover how to continue the buzz of your new found bestseller status for months and even years to come.

  • Learn the best way to keep your partners informed and excited for any future book launches.

  • Find out how you can become an ďin-demandĒ Joint Venture and Affiliate partner for other authorís book launches with one simple strategy.

  • Learn backend marketing strategies that continually increase your credibility and name recognition.

  • Discover how to secure free publicity with both online and offline media when you become a bestseller.

  • Systemize an effective process for follow up marketing.

Session VI - Tuesday, January 18th 5 p.m. PDT
Continuing the process for benefits and revenues once the campaign is over.

In this module you will learn how to go from bestseller status to revenue generating maven.

  • Discover easy to apply systems to keep the sales going.

  • Discover 3 surefire strategies to make money after your campaign ends.

  • Learn how to develop a "high-powered" affiliate sales force that markets your products and services around the world making you incredible amounts of money and you only pay on performance.

  • Find out how  to build a loyal customer base from those who purchased your book. Customers who will buy whatever new products and services you develop because of the value you bring to them.

  • Learn how to put a follow up system in place that will continue to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars in hidden revenue now that you are a bestseller.

  • Find out what other products and services you can develop to generate multiple streams of revenues for years to come.

Bonus Session  

How to Get Lots of Speaking Engagements and Sell Lots of Books by Becoming A Bestselling Author

MP3 and Transcripts of this session provided. This is not a live session but one that is being customized for those who participate in this program and will be developed and recorded based on your input and questions after Session VI.

  • Learn exactly what you need to do to get lots of speaking opportunities in your local market. Speaking engagements where you can sell lots of books from the platform.

  • This session alone will be worth the price of admission to the entire course. Once you learn how to do this you can practically write your own ticket to success!

  • This is a specially recorded session in which you receive an audio file and transcripts to the session.

Super Bonus
30 minute one-on-0ne coaching session with Kathleen Gage

Upon completion of the course you receive a one-on-one coaching call with me. Thatís right. Just the two of us on the phone for 30 minutes of laser beam coaching for your specific needs. If you have a business partner, virtual assistant or project manager, they can join in on the coaching session if thatís what you want.

Learn from someone who knows how to make these campaigns work
This is a tremendous opportunity to learn from a proven expert whose life and business literally turned around overnight by becoming an Amazon.com bestseller - me! You would be hard pressed to find this much incredible information in one place, plus the live calls, the audio recordings of the calls, the transcripts, and all the bonuses for one amazingly low price. When you look at the potential Return On Investment (ROI); the decision becomes real easy.  




 "Are YOU ready to become a bestselling author?

If You Answered Yes, Then You Are Ready to Invest In This Program

The Street Smarts Marketing Turn You and Your Books into Amazon.com Bestsellers is an amazing Opportunity for You that can change your life forever! 



To Personally Hire Me To Do An Amazon.com campaign for you would Easily Cost You Over 20 - 40 Times or More Than Your Investment For This Program

The fact is, I am no longer taking on any authors to launch their books. I have a handful of select publishers I partner with, but rarely, if ever, do I take on individual authors to do their book launch.

Even if I was taking on clients, my minimum fee for an author to hire me is $22,000. Definitely not what many authors can afford. Yet, there is a solution for any author who is serious about learning how do do an online bestseller campaign.

In order to help more people and those who may never have the opportunity to hear me speak live or hire me for one-on-one mentoring, Iíve created a much more affordable investment for you.  Plus, you can learn the strategies, listen to the audio recordings and watch the videos over and over, go through the learning guides, read the eBooks and enjoy all the bonuses for a fraction of the cost.

Some Great Reasons to Enroll Now!

Over the last couple of years I have gotten extremely busy  with private coaching and live Internet-based speaking engagements so I canít promise when, if at all, I will be offering this kind of deal again.

Second, the sooner you know how to follow my step-by-step formula, the sooner youíll be able to begin to experience the kind of success you want and become a bestselling author!



Only $1297


$1197 Till December 6th
Click the link below to register right away!



Plus over $947 in HIGH VALUE bonuses



Program Bonuses





Discover How to Write, Publish and Market a
Book with No Out of Pocket Expense

In this one hour MP3 session you will learn proven strategies to complete a manuscript in 60 - 90 days; discover how to sell thousands of dollars worth of books before your book is even published; find out the amazing benefits to self-publishing your book; learn the benefits of publishing both hard copy books and eBooks and learn the power and profit that come from being an established author in your market. This resource is a great added value for becoming an Amazon.com bestseller.


Version IV Directory of Resources for Internet Radio Show Interview Opportunities - eBook & Radio Interviews - A Recipe for Success - MP3 ($27 Value) 

Catapult Yourself To Celebrity Status Faster Than You Dreamed Possible with the Power of Internet Radio.

Whether your genre is business, womenís issues, spiritual, health, wellness, or financial you will find lots of shows in the directory you can contact about being a guest on their show. The directory contains listings of over 100 Internet Radio shows at your fingertips.  The MP3 recording features media coach, Lori Giovannoni and publicity expert, Kathleen Gage. Learn what it takes to be the kind of guest hosts invite back again and again.


Super Bonus!!! 1 Year membership into my VIP Club. This is a monthly membership program. (Value $444)

Whether youíre selling a product or service, promoting a book or seminar, want to get lots of targeted traffic to your website or blog and want to learn how to make money from your social marketing efforts, there is a simple, easy-to-apply method available to you. Maybe you want to learn how to create online media opportunities, have your articles syndicated, develop information products, or partner with leaders in your industry. If you're ready to get your online business off the ground once and for all, my membership program is for you.



How to Get Lots of Speaking Engagements and Sell Lots of Books by Becoming A Bestselling Author (Value $99)

MP3 and Transcripts of this session provided. This  is being customized for those who participate in this program and will be developed and recorded based on your input and questions after Session VI.

Learn exactly what you need to do to get lots of speaking opportunities in your local market. Speaking engagements where you can sell lots of books from the platform. This session alone will be worth the price of admission to the entire course. Once you learn how to do this you can practically write your own ticket to success! This is a specially recorded session in which you receive an audio file and transcripts to the session.


Super Bonus!!! 30 minute one-on-0ne coaching session with Kathleen Gage (Value $250)

When you complete the course you will qualify for a one-on-one coaching call with me. Thatís right. Just the two of us on the phone for 30 minutes of laser beam coaching for your specific needs. If you have a business partner, virtual assistant or project manager, they can join in on the coaching session if thatís what you want.


Super Bonus!!! 30 minute one-on-0ne coaching session with Lauren McMullen (Value $100)

When you complete the course you will qualify for a one-on-one coaching call with Social Media Marketing Expert, Lauren McMullen. In this session Lauren will review your current Social Media strategies to determine the best practices for you to implement.  If you have a business partner, virtual assistant or project manager, they can join in on the coaching session if thatís what you want.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if I donít have my book done yet? 
A:  Learning how to do a bestseller campaign before you have your book published can save you time, money and frustration. You will learn proven strategies that will help you launch your book the right way from the start.

I recommend that anyone who is even thinking of writing a book consider this course. Even if you donít launch your campaign for some time, you will learn strategies that will help you in other areas of your business. To learn how to Joint Venture, market, write copy and position yourself for success is worth more than you can imagine.

Q:  How can I do an Amazon.com campaign without my own opt-in subscriber list?
 You donít need a list to start out. With what you will learn about building a solid team of partners who will help you get your book message out to market, you can start with no list at all. I have worked with authors who didnít have a great list to begin with and became bestsellers because of my formula. Besides, once you do your Amazon campaign, you WILL have a list when you follow my systems.

I have dozens of strategies to build a list and will teach you what they are and how to use them. Add to that what you will learn about Social Marketing to build your list and you will be blown away by what you can do.

Q:  Donít I have to know how to design a website to do an Amazon.com book launch? 
 Absolutely not! I am not a web designer; never have been, never will be. However, you do need to know what has to be on your web pages for the launch. I will not only show you how to find great designers who understand online book launches, I will teach you what you must have and what you must avoid with your web presence in order to succeed at this.

Q: What if I have a book that has been on the market already, but never sold much, will the information help me?
A: Absolutely! With what you will learn it doesnít matter how long your book has been on the market or how few copies you have sold. You will learn how to take any book and make it a bestseller.

Please note, I do not teach those who have books that promote hate or discrimination. I will only work with those people who have a book that is designed to improve the quality of the lives of your readers.

Q: Will the information you teach work for any type of book and with any genre? 

A: Actually yes. Although I have worked primarily with non-fiction authors, fiction books can work when you have your systems in place. There are people of every background and interest level on the Internet. All you need to do is know where they are and how to reach them. You will learn this during the training.

Q: Will the skills I am going to learn help me to get inroads to traditional media?

A: Most definitely. Once you are a bestseller you have a great deal of leverage to spark the interest of traditional media. Not only will you be in more of a position to gain inroads with radio and newspapers, you will also learn how to get dozens of interviews on Internet Radio as well as be a featured expert on teleseminars.

Show hosts love to invite bestsellers to be interviewed. It is added value for their listeners.

Q: What materials do I receive?
You receive a learning guide for each session, the downloadable audio and video files, transcripts, and all the bonuses when you register.

Q: Can I really become an online bestseller with your formula?
A: Absolutely! When you follow my step-by-step formula you can count on success. However, if you take shortcuts or miss important elements, I canít say what will happen.

Besides, if youíre not convinced by now that you can become an online bestseller, I donít think anything will convince you.

Who Would Benefit From My Program?
This program is for you if you are a published author who is ready to become a bestselling author, gain massive visibility; increase your credibility and expert status and sell more books in 24 hours than most authors sell in a year (in many cases in the lifetime of their book).

This mentoring course is for any soon-to-be author who wants a proven formula for success on selling lots of books. What better time to learn how to sell lots of books than before you make costly mistakes. If you are on a limited budget this program is definitely for you.  

If you desire to get your book message in front of thousands (and possibly millions) of potential buyers, build a highly responsive opt-in subscriber list, discover how to sell other products and services after you become a bestseller; and learn the most cost effective way to become an online bestseller, this program is for you.

I wish you every success,  


Kathleen Gage

If you were to hire me to work with you one-on-one for coaching you would pay at least $400 an hour with a minimum of a $5,000 commitment for my coaching. 

When I put this entire offer together I couldn't help but think how even one of the modules would more than pay for your investment. Think about it, if you had the formula for becoming an online bestseller that you can apply to as many books as you want, what would that be worth to you? If you could build a responsive, money-making database of eager buyers because of your book launch, what would that be worth to you? What about the opportunities that will open up to you as a bestselling author, what would that be worth to you? Definitely more then the small investment of $1297  $1197 (this price for a very limited time)

I have simplified this as much as possible. So now it is up to you. I donít think it could be any simpler. And if you really want to get going on my mentoring program, I would love to work with you.

P.S. Not everyone is ready for my training program and my no-nonsense approach to business. Many are content to make excuses and "settle" for a mediocre business. This program is not for those people. I donít have the time, energy or patience to deal with this type of person.

If you're someone who is constantly looking for a get-rich scheme do us both a favor,  DO NOT register for my program. That is not what this is about.

If however, you are ready to learn real information on how to become an online bestseller that you will have to put effort into and yet, it will work when you do, by all means sign up right away. I would love you to have this incredible program.

P.P.S. If you're ready to become an online bestseller and jumpstart your life like never before make the right decision. You can only join me for this incredibly low price if you act now.



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